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Golo Mori – ITDC Area

The Indonesian government has a very big plan for Golo Mori or Tanamori area. At the moment they are building ITDC (International Tourist Development Center), like they already did in some Indonesian prime tourist destination such as in Bali with it’s BTDC (Bali Tourist Development Center). The ITDC project in Golo Mori already been started […]

IDR 66.450.000.000
  • 66.450 m2
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60×60 Waicicu

This land may be small, only 3,574 m2, however it has the best view and sunset on the island! The view is unblocked as the land is slopping down to the beach below therefore no one can build anything in front of this land. This land is only 10 minutes from Labuan Bajo International Airport […]

IDR 12.509.000.000
  • 3.574 m2
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Rangko 2

The land is 2.82 hectare that shaped like a bulge into the ocean, with 360 degrees of view and 2 hill top on the land! This exotic piece of land is one of the kind and has everything in one place. The highest part of the land offers 360 degrees view of the island to […]

IDR 42.375.000.000
  • 28.250 m2

Rangko 1

The land is 100,000 m2 is surrounded by ocean and white sandy beach due to the shape of the land being a bulge into the ocean. At the edge of the land on the ocean side, the view is 270 degrees! Can see sunset and sunrise. A pieceful piece of land, excellent getaway from the […]

  • 100.000 m2
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The land is 31,000 m2 is only around 15 minutes drive from International Airport, facing to north with white sandy beach of nearly 300 meter long and crystal clear water. It has a direct access from the main road and the location is very quiet and peaceful. HIGHLIGHTS: Only 15 minutes drive from Labuan Bajo […]

  • 31.000 m2
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This land of 2.24 hectare are actually owned by 3 different people of 3 different sizes, 6,802 m2, 7,100 m2 and 8,542 m2. It has an access from the main road at the back and a white sandy beach at the front side. Only 10-15 minutes from the International Airport, and Ayana Hotel is only […]

IDR 89.776.000.000
  • 22.444 m2
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Waecicu Real Estate

This Labuan Bajo Real Estate is located in Waecicu area which is currently very high in development. Most of the land in this area are already owned by Big Hotel chains. One of them is St. Regis whom already started their construction project as of last year. HIGHLIGHTS:  Size 150,000 m2 Theater shape land facing […]

IDR 262.500.000.000
  • 150.000 m2
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Tanjung Boleng

Tanjung Boleng is only 15 minutes from the Labuan Bajo International Airport and it has a beautiful out of this world white sandy beach! There are some 5 star resort currently being built in Tanjung Boleng such as Mawatu Resort, a super complex of 5 star hotel, apartment, business center, restaurants etc. Mawatu resort is […]

IDR 74.902.000.000
  • 44.060 m2
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Beach Club Waecicu

This beach club in Waecicu construction was started in early 2022 and planned to be completed in 2023, however due to financial problem the project was stopped at the end of 2022. The owner is not able to continue the project, therefore decided to sell. This Waecicu Beach club is located only 15 minutes from […]

  • 12.000 m2