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InJourney Strategy to Accelerate Tourism Growth in 2023 – Offers the Best-Class Experience for Tourists visiting Labuan Bajo

InJourney Strategy to Accelerate Tourism Growth in 2023 – Offers the Best-Class Experience for Tourists visiting Labuan Bajo

Holding BUMN Tourism and Support or InJourney gives the national tourism sector a boost in 2023, and the Injourney Group hopes to make the greatest contribution to the rebirth of Indonesian tourism.

According to Edwin Hidayat Abdullah, Deputy Main Director of Indonesian Tourism Aviation (Aviata), this is in line with the government’s objective to terminate the Covid19 pandemic and return to regular living as soon as possible.

“As we look forward to 2023, InJourney will play a key role as the orchestrator of the Indonesian tourism ecosystem, utilizing five main pillars, namely strengthening company fundamentals and portfolio, increasing connectivity and travel experience, expanding marketing and distribution, developing destinations, and structuring supporting businesses within the ecosystem,” Edwin said.

Edwin anticipates that PT Indonesia Tourism Development (Persero), or ITDC, will join the holding by the end of this year, in accordance with one of the pillars of InJourney’s strategy. Edwin stated that the joining ITDC is currently in the process of signing the Government Regulation.


In the framework of destination development and experience, Injourney will conduct multiple international events next year to drive Indonesia’s tourist growth, according to Edwin. The Injourney Group also participates in the Proud to Travel in Indonesia (BBWI) initiative, which is fully supported by the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

Furthermore, the Injourney Group works with a variety of parties to develop and activate a number of tourism locations, including the Old City of Semarang, and is even developing an unique tourism market (wellness tourism) in SEZ Sanur Bali.

Edwin continues the 2023 strategy aim of “Boosting Tourism Recovery” with a projected target of 140 million passengers served by Angkasa Pura I and Angkasa Pura II as the key contributor to Injourney Group’s commercial revenue. In terms of operational income, it is expected to rise to IDR 23 trillion, a 44 percent increase over the 2022 projection.


According to Edwin, Injourney wants to become a locomotive for the recovery and development of ecosystem-based Indonesian tourism by 2023 through a holistic, inclusive, and collaborative approach capable of providing additional value and positively contributing to the national economy. This initiative is supported, in addition to collaboration on tourist programs, by a promise to develop an investment of approximately IDR 7 trillion.


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